Strategic objectives:

  • Increasing the research-development and knowledge transfer capacity of INFLPR to meet the innovation requirements of companies in competitive economic sectors.
  • Obtaining the position of national leader in the field of industrial and biomedical applications based on photonic technologies, with plasma and radiation.



        Specific objectives:

  • Construction and endowment of the Interdisciplinary Photonics and Plasma Innovation Center for Eco-Nano Advanced Technologies and Materials.

           The expected results are:

           - creation of a research center and creation of a number of 9 new R&D laboratories;

           - IT equipment and communications purchased through the project;

           - a number of 84 independent research facilities, equipment and instruments;

           - a number of 7 computer applications and licenses;

           - a number of 23 R&D equipment worth over 100,000 euros purchasing.

  • The transfer and capitalization of the research results obtained within the center, including through the development of innovative products and technologies for or in collaboration with the companies within the Măgurele High Tech Cluster (MHTC).

  • Strengthening the research-development team of INFLPR by stimulating the development of the skills of existing specialists and recruiting new researchers within the institute.

           The expected results are:

           - Creation of a number of 14 full-time jobs for researchers, of which 4 doc, 4 PhD students and 2 researchers from abroad;

           - Creating a number of 3 jobs other than R&D;

           - Maintaining 23 full-time jobs that will work in departments with improved facilities.

  • Strengthening the capacity to participate in international projects, especially in EU programs, continuation and development of projects with international partners, for research activities and for the development of new services / technologies / products.