Laboratory 4 - Prototyping Laboratory.


 The Prototyping Laboratory is a facility which aims at developing new research directions in the field of eco-nano-technologies and advanced materials, but also in innovative devices on large surfaces, up to 200 mm, in the fields of electronics and optoelectronics, sensors, energy production and storage:


  • Surface processing and nanostructuring services with FiB / SEM equipment;
  • Development of FET type devices for measuring the opto-electrical characteristics of nanomaterials on surfaces up to 200 mm2;
  • Development of MEMS, Optical MEMS devices;L4P1
  • Development of sensor devices or sensor arrays on surfaces up to 200 mm2.




Connecting wire-based solar cells without any transparent conducting electrode Le To Toan et al CrystEngComm, 2016





 The activity of the prototyping laboratory falls within the directions 2 and 3 of the themes of the INFLPR strategy;


Dir. 2 -  Sensor platforms based on photonic and plasma methods
  • Optoacoustic systems for real-time gas detection,

  • Fiber-optic sensors for gas detection,

  • Methods of detection based on Raman scattering of relevant pharmaceutical compounds,

  • Surface acoustic wave sensors for the detection of volatile organic compounds and UV radiation,

  • Chemoresistive sensors based on thin films deposited by laser techniques.


Dir. 3 - Nanostructures and advanced materials obtained / characterized by laser, plasma and radiation methods for eco-nano-technologies
  • Advanced and highly nanostructured materials obtained by plasma and laser methods,

  • Photonic processing of new materials for eco-nano-technologies,

  • Special crystals and ceramics for laser sources and advanced radiation conversion processes.


Interconnectivity with existing laboratories L4


Institutional equipment / facilities;


  • Photolithography system

  • Nanolithography system

  • Encapsulation system (coating / development)

  • FIB-SEM ion-focused beam scanning electron microscope

  • Sensor testing system under controlled conditions


Purchased equipment;


  • Complete IDONUS Photolithography System including mask alignment system and coating / development system


L4 Equip 1a

L4 Equip 1b

Mask alignment system

Coverage / development system


          responsible staff - Anca Bonciu

          users - MIhai Sopronyi


In purchase equipment;


  • Nanolithography system

  • Scanning electron microscope with focused beam of FiB-SEM ions

  • Sensor testing system under controlled conditions


Laboratory Team


L4MRZamfir    Responsible of Laboratory




    Dr. Mihai-Robert Zamfir







    Dr. Anca Bonciu









    Dr. Mihai Sopronyi


Research and development activity:


  • Development of innovative energy storage and production systems and devices based on emerging and alternative technologies,

  • Fundamental research of two-dimensional (2D) materials with innovative physical and chemical properties and exploring the possibilities of integrating them into devices with different architectures for applications in various fields,

  • Development of complex optoelectronic heterostructures,

  • Development of “MEMS”, “Optical MEMS” type devices, etc.,

  • Development of functional devices for bionanophotonics: micro-nano-fluidics, sensors.